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The initial reward of £100 has been presented to RADMIC Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria - a community group who receive no funding but are setting up provision of a radiation monitoring and analysis service.  There has been a scaling back of independent testing in both Cumbria and Lancashire despite the escalating release of radionuclides to the environment through decommissioning.


The person making the arrest will also be presented with a certificate.   


Following the 'arrest' of himself George Monbiot is entitled to a bespoke certificate but has not yet claimed it,  preferring to try to claim the £100 which, as he will know and the terms of the website clearly state are to be donated to Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria.


Genuine citizens arrests  will recieve a bespoke certificate.  Genuine citizens arrests of George Monbiot will work to counter the climate of pronuclear acceptance and entrenched denial of human rights abuses.

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